"Districit 12, where you can starve to death in safety."
Jessica [Hutcherson] here! This is my Hunger Games blog. Aside from the film you can also expect a lot of Josh hutcherson reblogs/posts because he is a flawless Human being. I've read all the books and seen the movie, which and I loved. I'm a die-hard everlark and Clato shipper. XD
I also make edits form time to time, but as you'll probably see I'm not very good..
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when adults comment on your status but their comment is totally irrelevent to what you said

your status will be like

going to a concert with friends!!!!!111

and said adult will be like

hi jimmy how are you i saw your brother today he’s getting so big tell your mom hi for me xxx -betsy

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Josh Hutcherson @ Audi Sportscar Experience


Let us all remember this day, May 31, 2012, as the day that Zayn Malik tweeted multiple times in less than an hour. 

jennifer lawrence ⇒ blue

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The Hunger Games: Peeta and Katniss in the cave.


The Hunger Games: Peeta and Katniss in the cave.

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Depression isn’t just feeling down… depression is where you can get everything you’ve ever wanted and still feel like life isn’t worth living.